Perfect source of passive income

  • Find and connect

    Add shops and businesses who accept TheGCCcoin and are integrated to our payment gateway at only 0,88% transaction fee.

  • Take your share

    Get 0,08% of every 0,88% transaction fee the shop owner you connected pays while using our gateway.

  • Benefit indefinitely

    Every time a purchase is made, you will receive TheGCCcoins we collect from transaction fees. Without limitations and for a lifetime. Isn't that a brilliant idea!

On advantages

Using GCC Shopclub is easy. If you are a customer looking for online shops that accept TheGCCcoin for their products and services, simply browse our catalogue of available businesses. If you own a shop and would like to join GCC Shopclub, find new clients, and accept TheGCCcoin as an additional method of payment – make a request and integrate your business for free today. If you are a GCC Affiliate, you can make new shop requests and earn passively on transaction fees the shops pay. From every 0,88% fee we collect from every shop that you connected, we give you 0,08%. This is unlimited, stays forever, and you don’t even need to pay attention.

Perfect source of passive income

Every company that is looking towards the future knows how important cryptocurrencies will be in future transactions. GCC Shopclub is the vehicle to promote themselves as a leading company/business accepting ThGCCcoin as an alternative way to pay for goods and services, and it is also a great source of passive income for GCC Affiliates. Allow your clients to make purchases online – fast, hassle free, and without having to pay extortionist payment gateway fees. We invite you to join a well-established community that is spread over 90 countries and is ready to use TheGCCcoin. Let them know your business accepts it.

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    Our cryptocurrency. A modern hybrid coin with an built-in transaction fee-sharing system. More...

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    Store your coins safely and make fast transactions from one of our wallets. Choose to download it or use it online. More...

New shop request

If you are a registered The GCC Group affiliate, log in to GCC Shopclub using your The GCC Group account credentials. You are now able to make new requests for shops that want to accept TheGCCcoin. After a successful verification, the shop will become available in our catalogue. Registration is free. You will receive 0,08% of every 0,88% transaction fee the shop owner you connected pays while using our TheGCCcoin payment gateway integrated to the shop’s website. Unaffiliated users can browse the shops by category, but they cannot make new shop requests. If you are interested in earning passively on TheGCCcoin transaction fee-sharing, you can become an affiliate by joining The GCC Group.